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Cheap International Flights

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No more travel agency hassles! Now you can search for international flights and select the cheapest and most appropriate options instantly. Whether you desire a flight to Frankfurt or Finland, Fiji or Florida, we’ll provide you with the cheapest flight options available.

Contacting multiple travel agents to compare prices is a thing of the past! At Volo.co.za we source the cheapest flight prices directly from the largest travel suppliers within South Africa and bring these outstanding flight prices to you via our unique online booking form. 

How to Search For Cheap International Flights

At Volo you can book an international flight to almost any destination around the globe. Use the online booking form on the left-hand side of this page to search for and compare the cheapest international flights flying from any major destination within SA.

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Input your details including your outbound and inbound flight requirements, dates and the number of travellers required. Once you’ve completed the form fully, click ‘Search for Flights’. You’ll then be presented with a list of the cheapest flight options available according to your selected dates and times. Keep the search results general in order to obtain the cheapest possible prices. 

Things to Consider When Travelling Internationally

 Here is a useful checklist of things to consider when planning a trip overseas:

  • Travel insurance
  • Medical/health cover or insurance
  • Medication
  • Valid passports (make copies to take with you and also to give to friends/family back home)
  • Visa requirements
  • Forex and relevant currency at your planned destination
  • Driving permits and licenses
  • Electronic adaptors for devices such as phones, hairdryers etc.


International Travel and Health Concerns

World Health Organization

According to the World Health Organization, over 900 million international journeys are taken every year. Travelling increases health risks and can expose the traveller to a variety of illness. If you’re planning on travelling overseas sometime soon, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the potential health risks of the area you intend to visit. Health precautions can be conducted prior to travel as well as during your trip and once your journey is complete and you are back at home. 

If you are unsure about the health and travel risks associated with your destination country, visit the list of member countries on the World Health Organization website. Select the country in question. You’ll then be redirected to a country-specific page with a brief health profile write-up including details of any threat of diseases as well as risk factors associated with travel to that particular country.