American Airlines has regained access to its Sabre reservations system

April 17, 2013, Posted by Guest

All day today, Tuesday the 16th, there were many delays and over 400 flight cancellations at American Airlines (AA), related to the inability to gain access to the Sabre reservation system. More than booking and reserving flights, Sabre also performs other flight related functions which include: online check-ins, bag tracking, boarding pass printing, etc.

While it's not completely clear what the issue was, American Airlines "emphasized that the flaw was not related to the bomb attacks in Boston on Monday." Additionally, spokeswoman for Sabre, Nancy St. Pierre indicated that system problems that AA was experiencing were not directly related to Sabre. Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, and others use the system and were not having issue.

Around 4:30 p.m. EST, the system was brought back up and operation slowly began to go back to normal. It seems there was a lot of confusion, and many AA staff did not know what to inform the customers. The Facebook page for AA was up to date before many of the staff were. Customers were learning of the issue through social media from smart phones.

Issues occur rarely with the reservation systems at the airlines. Mostly when two airlines are merging are when problems present themselves. Just last year, the system at United Airlines experienced a very similar problem during a merger with Continental Airlines.

The merging of the systems between American Airlines and US Airways is still to be had at sometime in the future. The airline has likely learned from this and will keep the staff more on alert so the customers without Internet connection can learn of any issues, if they are to arise.

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